Mailing Lists

If you need support using CGDB (reporting a bug, submitting a patch, or even just asking how to use features of CGDB), there are a few mailing lists you can join. The mailing lists can also provide you with announcements of the latest releases and other important information. If you're interested in signing up to these mailing lists, visit: SourceForge Mailing Lists

IRC on Freenode

As of November 2005, the CGDB maintainers will be hanging out in #cgdb on the Freenode IRC network. All are welcome to come with questions, concerns, etc. This might be the quickest way to get a simple question answered. Honestly we're not sure though, this is the first time we're doing it! Remember, connect to and go to #cgdb.

CGDB Maintainers

Name Contact email
Bob Rossi bob (at)
Mike Mueller mike (at)